Consultants don't have to put their money where their mouths are

I have always disliked consultants – especially the ones who, besides consulting, are not capable of doing anything else. I am the CEO of, and I have the aspiration to turn La Factory into a multinational company. With many years of experience, I have walked the same path as you with the same difficulties along the road. Hence, my distinction from my peers is my sharing of knowledge that I have gained over the years – at merely a symbolic cost. One hour, one Dollar
Only $999 for one year
Combine work and holiday: Direct access to my brain in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Five stars accomodations with infinity pool, Jacuzzi and our private driver.

Francis Rozange

Ethics is in our DNA – to such extent, that it is natural to develop a friendly relationship with our clients, apart from the fundamental relationship of trust.

I can provide you with consultation and guidance in many fields

Social Networks

Social Networks

Let us be clear: the so-called ‘influencers’ who charge high prices for their coaching, often use obscure methods. Buying followers, likes, and comments, is just the tip of the iceberg – and all that, for just minimum results. The effect that these influencers supposedly have, is solely an illusion.


La Factory is ideally located in the heart of Southeast Asia – Chiang Mai, which is the cultural capital of Thailand. From here, we are in the perfect position to help you finding the right particles for your customers, or even create custom-made ones which are carefully put together by our designers and manufacturers. We always operate with respect for ethics and craftsmanship.

Outsourcing from Thailand
Haute couture: custom made clothes

Content Management

Inbound marketing makes use of CMS: Content Management Systems. I suggest Wordpress, free and perfect for beginners, while Joomla offers powerful plug-ins more suitable for webzines and communities.


Our expertise in the global marketplace, allows us to effectively advise you – which remains a complex task. Should you solely want a simple online store, we can recommend companies we trust.

Start-Up Advisor

Our advice is always rational. It may not always be what you want to hear, but we always have your best interests at heart.


I have developed very successful websites with Magento,which is also the most difficult to master. We can provide you with very effective advices on the key solutions of the market, hence avoiding major errors.

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We Offer One hour For One Dollar !


Je suis tenu par le secret professionnel mais quelques personnes que je remercie au passage ont offert leur témoignage.

Consulting Quest paid me 250 euros instead of 1000 and I strongly advice against using their services… But here it is: "Francis gave us a hand to build our new website and find creative ways to turn customer conversations into selling opportunities. He was a fount of information about SEO, and gave us very relevant and practical advice to take our inbound marketing to the next level."
Très bonne analyse de notre site web, nous a fait des recommandations pertinentes que nous sommes en train de mettre en oeuvre Merci Francis!
Je cherchais quelqu’un qui me donnerait un avis éclairé et le plus honnête possible pour améliorer mon site. J’ai naturellement pensé à Francis. Grâce à ses conseils simples et efficaces, MobiDima a gagné en clarté et en audience. Un grand merci à lui pour son franc-parler et son regard avisé
C'est à la croisée des chemins de ma vie professionnelle que j'ai rencontrée Francis. J'ai été particulièrement impressionnée par son énergie positive et sa force de propositions. Des idées novatrices, efficaces me permettant d'aller de l'avant. Rien d'étonnant qu'il ait été souvent qualifié de pionnier dans bien des domaines. Accompagner les individus à se réaliser ou aider des sociétés à croître via d'autres concepts est un talent rare qui mérite d'être souligné. Merci Francis.

A Few Articles

When I find time I offer you some inside knowledge

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