Floral Painting. Oil painting on canvas. 16x20 inches (40x50 cm)

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Turn your love into an oil painting! Professional portraits out of photo, oil painting on canvas. Accepting orders, no down payment, shipping worldwide by registered mail. High...
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Our advantages

If you are looking for a handmade, unique, individual gift to give to someone special for you, something that will be truly memorable and well appreciated by your loved ones, then this is the perfect present for you.

It can be a portrait of a beloved woman or man, parents, friends, family, your lovely children and pets.

All portraits are 100% hand-painted.

Personalized portraits give you the opportunity to capture a treasured personal moment and preserve it in the highest art form – a hand-painted oil portrait.

Your hand-painted oil portrait will be treasured as a timeless family heirloom and can also be given as an ultimate gift to your family and friends.

Here you can get an absolutely exclusive artwork.

All the paintings is represented by a single copy.

What you need to do to make an order:

For the best result, I need a photo of good quality. Please send it to me beforehand. If It's possible, send me several photos and we'll discuss which will be the most suitable for the artwork.

Send me your photo(s) via lenabritovapt@gmail.com

Describe your wishes and size of work.

Creation art takes time. It will take up to 1–2 weeks minimum to create a painting and to dry before packing.

When my work is ready, I will send you photos of the finished portrait.

Please, note that all paintings come unframed.

Each artwork I do is a unique piece of art. Though portraits are made from photo/photos they still represent a deliberate artistic process. As an outcome, you get a real piece of art. I can combine several photos and depict people together if you haven't got the photo of both of them.

I'll send you the photo of a final product before shipping to make sure you're completely satisfied with the art.

There are a couple of important things to look out for while choosing the right photo.

I cannot work from tiny images or photographs that are blurry, with no shadow, no detail. High-resolution images are preferred.

In some cases it is still possible to use low-resolution photos but I would need to see it first to be able to decide.

Don't worry about the background or what else is in the shot, I am able to remove it and paint with other backgrounds.

If you have any additional questions, please, don't hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to clarify any information.

Thank you that you help us to bring more art into this world.

A portrait isn't the picture of a person only. It's a piece of art and it has its soul. It depicts the most important features and character traits of a model. It's the essence of a person. A good portrait brings wonderful emotions to its owner and keeps good memories of the presenter. Enjoy it!

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Sincerely, Lena Britova, the artist.

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