Marvel Chess Eaglemoss 17: BLACK PANTHER (WHITE ROOK)

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Figurine neuve livrée dans son emballage d'origine Offert en cadeau son fascicule en anglais. dont nous disposons en règle générale. Nous avons aussi quelques fascicules en français pour les premiers numéros de la collection. Si la présence du fascicule est impérative, merci de nous contacter au préalable.

Marvel Chess Collection Black Panther (White Rook)

The Black Panther’s role as ruler of Wakanda and a member of the Avengers makes him the perfect hero to be a white rook, stealthy and decisive. His role as a rook demonstrates the respect these roles – ruler and Wakanda. He is also an Avenger and has saved the world countless times as part Avenger – have earned him, while also reflecting the graceful nature of his powers.

In the magazine, find out about the Panther s Wakandan birth, action in the Avengers and Fantastic Four, and solo outings, plus gain an insight into his fighting skills and those of his representative chess piece.


Product: Officially Licensed Chess Piece
Collection: Marvel Chess Collection
Material: Hand-Painted Metallic Resin
Height: Approx. 4.53 inches


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