Batman Automobilia Eaglemoss 50 DETECTIVE COMICS #434

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Die-cast Batman Automobilia. Ask seller for the magazine.
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Batman Automobilia Collection - Detective Comics #434.

THE BATMOBILE THAT featured in Detective Comics #434 (April 1973) was just one of a whole fleet of vehicles– all based on top-of-the-range sports cars. Each one was different, but they all provided the Dark Knight with the manoeuvrability he needed to traverse the urban landscape now that his base of operations was the Wayne Foundation Building – right at the heart of teeming Gotham City. This was a car that screeched around corners and roared into the night, leaving the competition dead in its tracks.

This Batman scale replica is a perfectly reproduced scale model in die-cast. This model comes in its own unique display stand that features a 3D lenticular backdrop as well as a painted base, to recreate iconic moments from the Batmobile’s history. This model includes a fascinating and informative 12-page magazine. Find out about The Batmobile secrets revealed with a classic cutaway centerspread in the magazine.

Great Britain
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