Half Visor Cyberpunk mask Design By Gins

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Half Visor Cyberpunk mask Design By Gins
visor material, clear acrylic

1. Visor Material Acrylic screen + band
2. Good protection against foreign particles, chemical splash, heat and impact resistance
3. Tension knobs allow flip-up visor to be positioned as user required
4. Half Visor features a quick adjusting headband and a removable/replaceable Acrylic visor with for durability.
5. Assemble, really easy to adjust for comfort and band Harness size
6. Adult size code, suitable for men and women.
7.Effective Air Exchange: Openings at the side of the mask allow for improved air flow compared to a standard face mask
Features a 3-point, hook-and-loop attachment that’s compatible with half visors
8.Half Visor clear acrylic attached fiber Optices 7 Color Lights LED Light up & 4models for one bow tie,just a single press of the button,choose the color as you pleases and sow your own style.

Packing list:
1X Face Mask
1X Half Visor attached fiber Optices
1X USB Cable
1X PM2.5 Pad
1X Product Manual
1X Chanpart mk.4

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