Eaglemoss Star Trek 066 U.S.S. Raven NAR-32450

Brand: Eaglemoss, Great Britain
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Die-cast model. Please ask seller for the magazine.
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In 2353, the U.S.S. Raven NAR-32450 was assigned to Federation exobiologists Magnus and Erin Hansen, who successfully petitioned the Federation research council to grant them the resources to study a rumored cybernetic species known as the Borg. It was later determined that after leaving the station, the Hansen family had disobeyed a direct order to return and had crossed into the Neutral Zone as part of their study. They were later assimilated by the Borg in 2356 after being detected and considered a threat.

Magazine on-demand, free of charge when we have it.

Product Details-

Product: Officially Licensed Model
Collection: Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection
Material: Hand-Painted Die-Cast Metal and ABS Plastic
Length: Approx. 5.51 inches

Great Britain

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