Eaglemoss Star Trek Special Edition 10 Deep Space Station K-7 Model Ship

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Die-cast model. Please ask seller for the magazine.
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Celebrate Star Trek with this detailed special edition of the Deep Space Station K-7 model ship part of the Star Trek The Official Starship Collection.

Inspired by the original "Star Trek" TV series, the K-7 starred in one of the biggest fan favourite episodes. It was the primary setting for the classic Season Two episode, "The Trouble With Tribbles."  Ostensibly a way-station on the fringe of the Federation - and a spiritual ancestor to Deep Space Nine. In fact, components were based on an actual "inflatable moon base" design developed for the U.S. space program.

The ship is carefully recreated in die-cast, high-quality materials then hand-painted with an incredible level of detail and with a special collector’s stand so that you can display it the way you want. Magazine on demand, free of charge if we have it. Always shipped with original box.

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