Marvel Chess Eaglemoss 01 SPIDER-MAN (WHITE KNIGHT)

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Marvel Chess Collection Spiderman (White King)

Spiderman stands proud, the commanding White Knight of the Marvel Chess Collection. The rank of this proud-looking piece, a chivalrous champion among Super Heroes, reflects Spider-Man’s standing in the Marvel Universe. Ready to leap into battle, Spider-Man is often the first hero to take on the forces of evil.

Spiderman is accompanied with a detailed 16 page magazine which looks at the story of Peter Parker’s transformation into the web slinging wonder the world knows and loves. Comes complete with a pull-out guide to the rules of chess, a detailed Spidey blog, classic stories and strategy for dealing with Doctor Octopus.

Will Spiderman be your Hero?

Product Details -

Product: Officially Licensed Chess Piece
Collection: Marvel Chess Collection
Material: Hand-Painted Metallic Resin
Height: Approx. 4.53 inches


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