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The Bajoran Solar Sailor, also called the Light Ship, is one of the most elegant and rare ships to ever grace the viewports of Deep Space 9. A relic from the distant past of Bajoran space exploration, legend told of its journey all the way to Cardassia itself almost 800 years earlier, while humans were just getting their feet wet while sailing Earth's oceans! Powered by the solar winds of Bajor’s sun while using sails resembling a butterfly’s wings, this craft had no impulse or warp engines and provided only a cramped 2-man crew compartment. Inside, the controls were mostly manual cranks and levers, used to adjust the huge reflective sails that physically controlled the ship’s direction. The on-screen model was one of the earliest examples of a Star Trek ship being created exclusively in CG, rather than as a practical model. The Bajoran Solar Sailor is a striking model for you to explore for yourselves.

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