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Tawa Siriwach, an artist, writer and graphic designer in Thailand who created the new method of the world “Simplicity art”. “Simplicity art” is the new method of art combining philosophy and minimalism, look moving but calm inside. Makes passion from the artwork because “Art is passion and investment”. Tawa would like to make happiness and bright side world from the premium minimal artwork, distinguished in the world.
Priam & Lila
Priam & Lila is an ethical and artisanal brand. Every piece is made from A to Z by hand by an artisan.
Pana Raintree
Thai handicraftsmen who produce and design all kinds of furniture.
Jacques Blanchard, a French creative designer from the famous “Estienne” school of graphic arts, made his first trip to Vietnam in 1993. It was a love at the first sight and a source of deep inspiration. After regular visits in the country, he decided to live permanently in Saigon. His Creations are the marriage between simplicity and luxury: Simplicity in lines and curves, taking inspiration from a “Zen-Art Deco” style ; luxury in materials, mixing high quality lacquer ; textile and colors to create deep sheen, light reflections and contrast.
Customized intimate bras, swimwear and lingerie. Sustainable & delivery service with all your specific preferences included.
Keeleys Thailand
KeeLeys is a new generation beauty product organization. Adhere to the ideals of selecting the best natural raw materials. Blend and benefits of face-to-face with the new age. We specialize in creating products that nourish, revitalize, and protect, by tightening time to the minimum, but maintaining deep skin care. We guarantee that all the extracts are of the finest nature, pure and gentle to the skin. It removes all skin problems deep within a few minutes.
Ban Ampond
Handicraft Men in Baan Tawai
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