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WordPress managed

Reliable, fast, secure WordPress that is backed up daily, these are just a few of the services we provide to our users

We know that you will probably never contact us for a technical problem, yet we are here to help you

24/7 support

You can contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We guarantee a same-day response, but we’re actually much faster. In addition to the contact form in your WordPress, we adapt to your preferred method of communication, including live video.

Experts at your disposal

Our experts have worked at newspapers, set up online sales sites and created startups. They are designers, SEO and digital marketing specialists with an international client base. You are in good hands, perhaps the best in the market.

Manual and automated backups

No matter what happens, your account is backed up daily with a 30-day history. But we also provide you with tools to make local and cloud backups. Whenever you want.

Full speed ahead

On the server side we use Litespeed, a very efficient Apache replacement. But what you really want to know is that it is complemented by a very efficient caching extension for WordPress. Our extensions will also optimize your images in size and dimensions. Judging by our tests, we are one of the fastest web hosts in the world.

Preventing hacking attempts

We cannot detail our security measures, but you should know that they consist of several firewalls, inbound and outbound spam protections, as well as imunify360 which scans and cleans files and whose history you can find in your management panel. If you follow some basic precautions we can say that your accounts are impenetrable.

Malware cleanup

If you were to be hacked, you can of course count on us. We will clean your account and if necessary restore a clean backup without losing any data. With a unique password and recognized extensions, you should not suffer from a hack.

Consulting included in your subscription

With Business Booster offered in our WordPress plans, you get top-notch consulting for everything related to SEO, design and digital marketing. No other WordPress hosting or maintenance service offers this, and we promise you won’t be able to live without it.

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