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Do not forget to tell your mobile phone because DHL needs it.
I cannot ship a parcel if I do not have a mobile phone.

A buyer will receive a wooden craved panels as same as the first photo.

Please use a drop drown menu to select a color and pattern that you like.

Photo 1 - Brown color

Photo 2 - White

Photo 3 - Antique color or grey color

These panels are made out of reclaimed teak wood with floral designs.
We have antique colour for this design.

There are a few reasons why colour of the finished product will not be the same colour that you see on a photo.

1 Teak wood panel will be burnt before doing antique colour. It is a technique to make panels to look old without hiding the grain pattern.
2 We cannot control the colours of natural teak wood and the grain pattern. Sometimes, we receive brown colour but they are different shade such as dark brown and light brown.

At the centre of each panel sits the bud of the lotus flower which are a sign of purity and prosperity in the Buddhist sense.

Our wall panels are hand carved by highly skilled artisans in Thailand who spend countless hours meticulously carving these wonders of wood craftsmen.

Most panels are made in sections for easy transport and to make hanging more manageable. Because each piece is a unique creation, some variations may occur.

Size = 5'X5'Feet (60"x60").

These panels make beautiful bed headboards - both hanging or free standing - or as decorative panels.

A buyer will receive 5 separate pieces . Then, he will assemble this product side by side.
The total weight of this parcels is 23 kilograms.

Great idea to be a nice gift.

Please look at a category "Queen headboard".

You will see many "Teak Wooden Wall Art Panels" at the reasonable price.

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Payment is due within 3 days. I accept Only PayPal for the payment.

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Shipping and Handling Time

We need 2-3 weeks to prepare a strong package and to wait for an export teak wood document.
Then , we will ship your item by using DHL express. It will take 7 business days to your country.

Benefits of DHL express.
1 You do not have to pay tax or pay less tax.
2 You have to pay lot of taxes and fuel cost if you select sea shipping.
3 A package will be arrived safety
4 It is Door-to-Door direct delivery.

We will ship this item worldwide from Thailand by using DHL service.

It should be arrived within 3-4 weeks except long holidays.

Return Policy
We do not have a return policy . Please buy this item becase you want to be the owner.

Return Policy.

We do not have a return policy. Please contact me with photos if you found a problem of a parcel such as wrong item or broken item within 7 days after you got a parcel. We will give you a solution case by case . If the item becomes defective more than 7 days after the date when you signed your signature, we will give you an advice to repair panels.

Anyway, we cannot give you a full refund or replacement if a problem comes from a buyer’s mistake . For example, a buyer who does not follow the hanging tips. Panels were fallen from the wall and broken. However, we will give you an advice to repair it.

Good Luck and Thanks for Visiting.

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