Thai tradition art of Owls by silkscreen printing on Mulberry paper Card

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New art work named Owls .

Handmade with a Owls design on Paper. Then remove the Owls design and then put into a Mulberry paper card. By Silkscreen printing .

Size: Length 17.5 cm wide 12 cm

For a message to your loved ones.

Or your friends or people you know.

For those who can get this card would be nice.

When you see the artwork on the card.

In one piece free of envelope for the card.

Owls are a group of birds that belong to the order Strigiformes, constituting 200 extant bird of prey species. Most are solitary and nocturnal, with some exceptions (e.g., the Northern Hawk Owl). Owls hunt mostly small mammals, insects, and other birds, although a few species specialize in hunting fish. They are found in all regions of the Earth except Antarctica, most of Greenland and some remote islands. Though owls are typically solitary, the literary collective noun for a group of owls is a parliament. Owls are characterized by their small beaks and wide faces, and are divided into two families: the typical owls, Strigidae; and the barn-owls, Tytonidae.


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