​5 ideas to celebrate Be An Angel Day


Today in the United States we celebrate "Be an angel day". But what exactly is it?
Jayne Howard Feldman created this celebration in 1993 by inspiring people to do acts of kindness. Since then, the day has become very popular, thanks in large part to social media.
The purpose of the day is to encourage people to do good deeds and help others. There is no limit to the type of help you can give. It can be physical, financial or emotional help.
Good deeds bring joy not only to the people you have helped, but to yourself. Looking at the smiles of others makes you feel good in your soul as well. You don't have to do something unique and grand.
The simplest actions can help fill someone's day in a positive way.
So let's open our generous hearts and get going!
We have a few ideas for you to do your small part in celebrating this day.

1. Bring clothes to the homeless shelter.
When was the last time you cleaned out your closet? Maybe it's time to make a real revolution and box up the things you no longer wear? After all, these things can have a different life, they can warm someone up or simply charm them. And at the same time it will free up space in your closet for new clothes, which you can choose on our website https://www.lafactory.com/

2. You can also participate in charity events for animals: volunteer at a shelter, donate equipment or food. And if you do not feel like moving from your couch, you can always make a donation, participate in crowdfunding campaigns or republish the posts of associations on social networks.

3. Good deeds can be done not only for people and animals, but also for the good of the environment and society as a whole. If trees distributed Wi-Fi, we would plant them all over the planet, but they only produce the oxygen we breathe. Paradoxical, isn't it? One tree can provide oxygen for three people. And how many people does your family have?

4. Give a handmade gift to a loved one or friend. It's always so joyful to receive gifts! And if you don't know how to make gifts yourself, you can always find interesting and creative ideas at LaFactory.com

5. Leave a nice comment on the post you liked.
People are often stingy with comments. So why not become a person who can respond positively to a really good and useful post? How about giving your opinion on our article? It won't be hard for you and will make us happy.
Allow yourself to do good things and the Universe will give it back to you.
Happy Be an Angel Day to all!


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