Black lives matter: $4 for a black man's death

A Florida family was awarded $4 after deputy Christopher Newman killed Gregory Hill Jr through his garage door. Christopher Newman killed Gregory Hill Jr., 30, in 2014. Newman and another deputy responded to Hill's home, Hill partially opened the garage door, closed it and Newman fired four times. he said Hill brandished a handgun. Hill's mother,...


Korean drama breaks the glass ceiling with LGBT character

Seohyun portrays Anna in "Hello Dracula" drama, a lesbian school teacher. Korea is a highly conservative country, even with more and more acceptance for gay people. JTBC will air Hello Dracula: Anna is torn apart between her closet and her love, Mi Young: "Anna’s world, which she managed to hold together, is crumbling after she received a phone call...


An art teacher fired for wearing a black lives matter mask

Lillian White was an art teacher at  Great Hearts Western Hills , a public school in San Antonio. She began wearing a face mask "Black Lives Matter" and "Silence is Violence" this summer. After nearly two weeks, Lilian White received a message asking her to stop. "I immediately knew it was time for me to make a decision, and I didn't think twice...


Black lives matter

Black lives matter. Less than other lives for a lot of people, including some from my very own network. When I told them about our statement, one of them said I was "offensive". Another one said I was "racist" because all lives matter, explaining that white people were the actual victims. Racism is everywhere. In my network, in my work environment. In...


Free, dedicated store and training until the end of the crisis

After three years of hard work, our startup was ready to contact investors. And COVID has arrived, closing the borders and striking us. Since we pride ourselves on having ethics in our DNA, we had to act.  Get a free store, without any commission  All our technologies are therefore free until the end of the crisis, certainly at least two years. We...


How it works

Are you a designer, artist, craftsman? Welcome home. Postulate if you are ethical and your items are indeed a work of love. Your store is free and will always be. No technical skills needed: we take care of everything. You are directly paid by your clients, no money retention. Import your items from eBay and Etsy. Last but not...


My profession of faith

Hello, my name is Francis Rozange. I am the soul of this site. As you know, our marketplace is intended for artists and craftsmen, in particular those who know nothing about the Internet, these millions of people around the world who produce untraceable masterpieces that we will put online to them. place where appropriate, without being asked for any...


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