Batman Automobilia Eaglemoss 40 THE DARK KNIGHT RISES™ MOVIE

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Die-cast Batman Automobilia. Ask seller for the magazine.
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Hell comes to Gotham in Batman Automobilia issue 40. With Batman incapacitated, in The Dark Knight Rises, Bane rules the streets with this camouflaged version of Batman's own combat vehicle.

The creation of Lucius Fox’s Applied Sciences Division of Wayne Enterprises, the Tumbler was intended for the military. Although the vehicle never went into full production, the villain Bane turned a small fleet of prototypes against Gotham City. The Tumbler Batmobile comes with its own unique display stand, that features a 3D lenticular back drop as well as a painted base and captures all specifications from the armour plating to the studded tyre surface. 

The accompanying 12-page magazine shares the secrets of Bane's tank-like Tumbler and the comic-book source material for director Christopher Nolan's game-changing trilogy of Dark Knight movies

Great Britain
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