Doctor Who Eaglemoss 025 special weapons Dalek

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Doctor Who from the famous TVshow. Please ask seller for the magazine.
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The next instalment of the Doctor Who Figurine Collection is fully loaded with a Special Weapons Dalek from the classic story 'Remembrance of the Daleks'.

There has never been a Dalek like this one. The Daleks’ design has had minor changes over the years and the Special Weapons Dalek ups the ante in the power stakes. With no eyestalk or manipulator arm, but a reinforced mid section and 360 degree vision, there is only one thing this Dalek has been created for: destruction!

The incredible metallic resin Special Weapons Dalek figurine has been accurately crafted and painted by hand, and is the first major redesign of the Dalek since their introduction in 1963.

The magazine looks back at the 25th anniversary episode of Doctor Who and its trip back to where it all started, plus the lowdown on Davros' planet-powered Reality Bomb and profile of classic-era director Philip Hinchcliffe.

Great Britain
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