Marvel Chess Eaglemoss SPECIAL Professor X & Apocalypse (Kings)

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Marvel Comics resin chess piece. Please ask seller for the magazine.
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Marvel Chess: Apocalypse and Professor X Special.

Two mutant leaders, both with incredible powers, Professor Charles Xavier wants to bring about harmony between mutant kind and humanity, while Apocalypse seeks nothing less than complete domination. Their leadership roles make them the perfect characters to be an extra set of kings for the collection. The pieces reflect their raw power as well as their ability to inspire others.

The hand-painted, lead-free metallic resin and highly-detailed figurines come with an exclusive 16-page magazine detailing the powers of Professor Xavier and Apocalypse – and just how dangerous they can be.

Product Details -

Product: 2 Officially Licensed Chess Pieces
Collection: Marvel Chess Collection
Material: Hand-Painted Metallic Resin
Height: Professor Charles Xavier Approx. 4.43 inches
              Apocalypse Approx. 4.13 inches

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