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Genis-Vell first appeared in Silver Surfer vol. 3 Annual #6 (1993) using the codename of "Legacy."[2][3] He appears in various Marvel titles in 1994 and 1995, primarily Silver Surfer and the Cosmic Powers miniseries. He starred in Captain Marvel vol. 3 by writer Fabian Nicieza and artist Ed Benes with an initial publication date of Dec. 1995. The series was abruptly canceled after only six issues; the unpublished issues #7-12 were later summarised by Nicieza in a fill-in issue (#14) of the next Captain Marvel (vol. 4) series in 2000.

Legacy appeared in Avengers Unplugged #5 (June 1996). After a single appearance in Silver Surfer later that year Genis-Vell would not appear for another two years, when he was included in a new Warlock title for four issues. An appearance in the Avengers Forever miniseries led to a second Captain Marvel series featuring Genis-Vell debuting in late 1999. The series would last for 35 issues, until October 2002.

In 2002 Marvel launched the U-Decide campaign in an attempt to bolster sales on several comics. Captain Marvel was canceled, with a new series relaunched with a new debut issue, with Peter David, continuing as writer, taking the book's storyline in a new direction. Captain Marvel vol. 5 was canceled with issue #25 in 2004 due to low sales.[4][5]

Genis-Vell joined the Thunderbolts in issue #82 and was killed by Baron Helmut Zemo in issue #100 (May 2006).[6]

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