Eaglemoss Star Trek 014 CARDASSIAN BATTLE CRUISER Galore Class

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Die-cast model. Please ask seller for the magazine.

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The most common warship in the Cardassian fleet was the powerful Galor Class. It featured heavily in Deep Space 9 during the Dominion war and fought alongside Dominion ships in large numbers where they inflicted heavy damage to the combined Federation and Klingon fleets. There were three known classes of the Galor Class, with the type III being the most advanced and lethal. While these warships weren’t a match for the most advanced Starfleet ships, they usually were deployed in groups of three and used numerous deceptive tactics. During the Dominion war, many were refitted with a Breen energy-dampening weapon which would render opposing ships helpless against their offensive weaponry. The design of the Galor was inspired by the ankh, an ancient Egyptian symbol. Its influence extended to the colors and hull features which resembled pyramids and a sacrificial altar-like feature at the highest point of the dorsal section.

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