Northern Thai Sausage Set (Sai Oua) 60 gram.

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Recipe: Northern Thai Sausage (Sai Oua)

1. Dissolve contents of this packet with 100 ml. warm water.

2. Add ½ kg. coarsely ground pork belly, blend and knead until sticky.

3. Shrink the casing onto the funnel tube (not included).

4. Fill the pork into casing, leaving about 1-1   inches for tying. Puncture the air pockets with toothpick or pin.

5. Charcoal grill with low heat until done or bake at 140˚C for 20 minutes. Slice into small pieces and serve with steamed glutinous rice and fresh vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce, young ginger etc.

About the casing: This edible casing is hygienically processed from natural collagen derived 

from cattle hides. It has been used worldwide in the sausage industry.

Suggested Uses: Beef, chicken and shrimp can be used instead of pork. For shrimp, increase to 600 g. and do not add water. Simply cut shrimps into coarse pieces and blend well with the seasoning before filling.

Ingredients: Sugar 25%, Spices (Galangal, Shallot, Garlic, Turmeric) 13.5%, Chilli 11%, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein (Soybean, Wheat) 11%,
Lemongrass 8%, Collagen Casing (Cattle Hides) 8%, Kaffir Lime Leaves 7%, Flavour Enhancer (Monosodium Glutamate) 6%, Salt 6%, Chilli Oil 2%, Natural Flavour 1.5%, Anticaking Agent (Silicon Dioxide) 1>#/p###

Allergen Information: Contains soybean and wheat.

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