Underwater light

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Nous sommes basé à Chiang Mai, la capitale culturelle de la thailande. Nous choisissons personnellement nos articles auprès d'artisans auxquels nous demandons également de réal...
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A 24 * 30 cm acrylic painting of aquarium life written on canvas, it belongs to the brush of a remarkable Thai artist Krisanachai Sripila. 

Image: Five bright red-and-white fishes play and blow bubbles joyfully in the water, illuminated by the enchanting light coming from the surface and surrounded by green weed and grey pebbles.

It's captivating to watch how the underwater light reflects on bubbles and pebbles making them shine beautifully on their own.

While at the first glance the scene might seem pretty ordinary, every fish drawn by the artist is unique in it own way. Color patterns, shapes, face expressions, nothing is the same. 

Observant viewer easily notices that wherever he or she goes, the fish eyes keep squinting at him curiously, thoughtfully or mockingly from the painting.

Strong points:

  • The painting looks really cheerful and enchanting at first sight and at the same time emanates hidden emotions to reflect on;
  • Goldfish are a well-known symbol of good luck and good fortune;
  • Adds a whole new layer of style and color to your interior design.

The paintings are made to order, which takes about a week. These are unique works, therefore there may be slight differences from the photo.

About the artist:

Krisanachai Sripila spent his childhood and adolescence in the small town of Pai in Thailand, which has become famous among tourists and locals thanks to its beautiful nature and hippie vibe. While his family had not approved of his love for painting, he still managed to enter Thai art circles through self-education with the only help of his own talent and perseverance. 

At the age of 21 he moved to Bangkok to pursue his passion further. His art was appreciated and selected for exhibitions at several prominent Thai universities. 

Krisanachai's acrylic paintings are sharp, full of acumen and subtle irony. The warmth and joie de vivre they emanate can bring out a smile on the face of any art enthusiast.

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