Sleeping beauty (60*60cm)

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Nous sommes basé à Chiang Mai, la capitale culturelle de la thailande. Nous choisissons personnellement nos articles auprès d'artisans auxquels nous demandons également de réal...
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CountryThailand Length (cm)60

This is an oil painting written with spatula by the talented Thai artist Kesorn Latnut. 

Image: Flowering bushes painted with a lot of detail lay across the wooden fence like a sleepy young girl admiring her reflection in the clear waters of the river. The blooming shrub reaches out one of its rosy branches towards the stream, tender pink petals are floating on the still blue water. The green grass growing at the riverside and the trees covered with mist in the background complement this dreamy landscape. 

The artist managed to capture the lyrical calm atmosphere of an early morning perfectly. Extend your hand and feel the chill and wetness of dew on the grass under your fingertips. 

Item’s strong points: 

  • It looks magnificent; 
  • Brings the peace and serenity of this morning’s beauty to the viewer’s hearts; 
  • Adds a whole new layer of style and color to your interior design.

The paintings are made to order, which takes about a week. These are unique works, therefore there may be slight differences from the photo.

About the artist:

Kesorn Latnut was born in Chiang Mai, a city in Thailand well known for its picturesque views. From an early age she was praised for her bright artistic talent and passion for painting. In 2005 she pursued an art education at the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts of Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. 

For her works Kerson seeks inspiration from her flower garden where she spends hours writing her picturesque nature-inspired masterpieces. Her oil paintings balancing on the thin line between dreams and reality are full of love and joie de vivre. She reaches out to our hearts with the soft unobtrusive light and gentle calming colors of blossoming nature. The feelings of harmony and tenderness communicated by her works attract art lovers worldwide.

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