An art teacher fired for wearing a black lives matter mask


Lillian White was an art teacher at Great Hearts Western Hills, a public school in San Antonio. She began wearing a face mask "Black Lives Matter" and "Silence is Violence" this summer.

After nearly two weeks, Lilian White received a message asking her to stop.

"I immediately knew it was time for me to make a decision, and I didn't think twice about it. This is a human rights issue and I did it for my students who experience racial injustice in school. I refused to back down".

"If you're scared about what parents are going to say because a teacher is supporting equal rights, you need to reevaluate the kind of people you're catering to. By staying silent, Great Hearts is only supporting racist parents."

White does not contest her termination but has started a petition, demanding Great Hearts to implement an anti-racism action plan.

Source: CNN


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