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How to Record a Podcast Remotely

Not everyone has the luxury of sitting down beside their podcast co-host or interviewee when it’s time to record. While it’s fantastic to be in a studio and being able to react to and with them side-by-side, unless you’re one of a very lucky few, you need to find a...

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How to use Zencastr for High-Quality Podcast Interviews

There are three major issues that come up when someone starts down the path of being a podcaster. They need to know where to host their podcast (generally Blubrry or Libsyn), what software to use to get the best sound quality, and how to record interviews. It’s weird...

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How to Use Libsyn to Podcast with WordPress

When it comes to podcasting, Libsyn (short for Liberated Syndication) is the 800-lb gorilla in the room. It’s easy enough for beginners to get a handle on, and it has enough power under the hood to support the needs of podcasting veterans.  There are plenty...

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