Free, dedicated store and training until the end of the crisis


After three years of hard work, our startup was ready to contact investors. And COVID has arrived, closing the borders and striking us. Since we pride ourselves on having ethics in our DNA, we had to act. 

Get a free store, without any commission
 All our technologies are therefore free until the end of the crisis, certainly at least two years. We won't even get a commission, it's really free. 
Free training in eCommerce, marketing and SEO
Finally, we will train you in SEO, e-commerce, and digital marketing. We also provide simple tools to export your data to other solutions when we switch back to a paid model. Depending on the companies and themes, we can create new marketplaces or stores quickly. To find our apps,  search for on the Playstore or the Appstore. And above all… Good health. 


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