cPanel – Divi – WordPress.  Save thousands of euros per year with our dozens of included Premium extensions. Grow your business with Business Booster, our personalized consulting service included in your hosting package.

LaFactory does not host websites. We host human beings. Who own websites.

What we can do for your business

You run a blog

Benefit from our SEO expertise to write exciting and effective articles

You wish to sell

eCommerce professionals with 15 years of experience will help you create your site and reach new customers

Building a community

Overview of the solutions we provide, all of which are available with your subscription

Business Booster: Your personal coach to convert your visitors into customers

Included in all our WordPress plans, at no additional cost
Business Booster - More information

You are experienced and discerning. We will help you grow your business

You're a developer

Thanks to our 100% NVME hosting, clone or transfer your websites in the blink of an eye. Create Node.js, Ruby, Python applications…

You are an agency

With fully managed WordPress and personalized support, focus on improving your business.

You're a freelancer

Take advantage of preferential rates and entrust us with white label WordPress support, and of course our incredible performances

You sell ethical products

Instead of a dedicated website you can also open a free store on our marketplace, you will only pay a commission if you are successful: Ideal to test your concept without spending money.

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LaFactory faster than Kinsta

We are optimization experts. We will spare you the technical details except for one thing: we have licensed WProcket for all our users, regardless of the number of WordPress sites.   

GTmetrix test LaFactory

Test performed from London to test our server located in Europe. Even across the Channel, the results are spectacular despite the presence of many large photos on our homepage. Any of our users can achieve the same results, if necessary with our help. Our site was created with Divi.

GTmetrix test Skyrocketwp

As this is a Texan company, we chose the GTmetrix server located in the same state. Skyrocketwp offers WordPress site management and boasts of its extraordinary speed on Kinsta. As specialists, we cannot suspect them of poor optimization. Obviously, our hosting expertise is well proven.

GTmetrix with Kadence and Elementor

If you thought it was a lucky stroke, here is also our test with a Kadence / Elementor template and a 1.3Mb homepage. The result speaks for itself, with a perfect score of 100% for Usable page in half a second, fully loaded in one second. You can verify by yourself.

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Our plans, with free migrations

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