Tom Yum Paste with Creamed Coconut 100 gram.

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Manufactured inThailand


- Water 3 cups (720 ml.) 

- Shrimp, shelled 1 cup (250-300 g.)

- Straw Mushroom or soft Mushroom 300 g.


1. Heat all the water in a kettle. Boil the contents of this packet.
2. Add the shrimp and mushroom. Cover.

3. Wait until a full boil. It's ready to serve. Do not overcook.

(Add lime juice to taste, optional.)

Ingredients: Creamed Coconut 35%, Salt 15%, Sugar 13%, Lemongrass 7%, Shallot 6%, Galangal 5%, Garlic 5%, Tamarind Paste (Tamarind, Water) 4%, Chilli 3%, Flavour Enhancer (Monosodium Glutamate) 2%, Kaffir Lime Leaves 2%, Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid) 2%, Fish Sauce (Anchovy Fish, Salt, Sugar) 1% 

Allergen Information: Contains fish. 

  • No Colourings or Preservatives Added
  • Makes 3-4 servings
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